How to Get NEW NAYAPAY Debit Cards and Charges

In the fast-paced digital era, having a seamless payment experience is crucial. That’s where NAYAPAY steps in, offering a range of debit card options tailored to your needs. Let’s embark on a journey to discover how you can effortlessly get your hands on a NAYAPAY debit card and understand the charges associated with each.

Step 1: Dive into the NAYAPAY App

First things first, ensure you have the NAYAPAY app installed on your device. If you haven’t already, download it from your app store and log in to your account.


Step 2: Navigate to Debit Card

Once inside the app, click on the “Debit Card” option in the left panel. This is your gateway to a world of financial possibilities.

Step 3: Explore the Options

Upon entering the Debit Card section, you’ll be greeted with three enticing options, each catering to different preferences and needs.

  1. PayPak Debit Card (Charges: Rs. 1808)
    • Features: A versatile card allowing you to withdraw cash at ATMs and make seamless payments to in-store merchants.

  1. Visa Debit Card (Charges: Rs. 795)
    • Offers: Unlock a realm of benefits, including making secure online and international payments. You can also withdraw cash at ATMs and pay in-store merchants effortlessly.


  1. Visa Virtual Card (Charges: Rs. 600)
    • Offers: Experience the convenience of making online payments to both local and international merchants with this virtual card.

Step 4: Choose Your Ideal Card

Now comes the exciting part—select the card that aligns perfectly with your requirements and preferences. Whether you prioritize in-store transactions, online payments, or international use, NAYAPAY has a card for you.

Step 5: Fill in Your Delivery Address

Once you’ve made your choice, it’s time to provide the delivery address. This ensures your brand-new NAYAPAY debit card will be sent directly to your doorstep.

Step 6: Click the Order Button

With the card selected and delivery details in place, click the “Order” button to kickstart the process. NAYAPAY will swiftly process your request, and soon, you’ll be holding the key to seamless transactions in your hands.

By opting for a NAYAPAY debit card, you’re not just getting a card; you’re gaining access to a world of financial freedom. Embrace the ease of transactions, the security of your funds, and the convenience of a payment solution designed just for you. Make your financial journey memorable with NAYAPAY!


Q1: How do I download the NAYAPAY app?

You can download the NAYAPAY app from your respective app store (Google Play Store for Android or the Apple App Store for iOS). Simply search for “NAYAPAY” and follow the installation instructions.

Q2: Can I apply for a NAYAPAY debit card without using the app?

Currently, the application process for NAYAPAY debit cards is streamlined through the mobile app. Ensure you have it installed for a hassle-free experience.

Q3: What are the eligibility criteria for obtaining a NAYAPAY debit card?

To be eligible, you need to have a valid NAYAPAY account. The specific requirements may vary, so it’s recommended to check the app or contact NAYAPAY customer support for the most accurate information.

Q4: Are there any additional charges apart from the card fees mentioned?

The charges mentioned include the card issuance fee. However, it’s advisable to review the terms and conditions on the app or contact NAYAPAY support for any potential additional charges.

Q5: How long does it take to receive the NAYAPAY debit card after placing an order?

The delivery time may vary depending on your location. NAYAPAY strives to process orders promptly. For specific delivery timelines, check the app or reach out to NAYAPAY support.

Q6: Can I link my NAYAPAY debit card to multiple accounts?

Generally, each NAYAPAY debit card is linked to a single account for security reasons. For multiple accounts, you may consider applying for additional cards.

Q7: What security measures are in place to protect my NAYAPAY debit card?

NAYAPAY prioritizes the security of your financial information. The app employs encryption and other security features to safeguard your transactions. Additionally, you can set up PINs and enable notifications for added security.

Q8: Can I use my NAYAPAY debit card for international transactions?

Yes, the Visa Debit Card and Visa Virtual Card options allow you to make international transactions. Check the card details and terms for specific information on international usage.

Q9: How do I report a lost or stolen NAYAPAY debit card?

In case of a lost or stolen card, it’s crucial to contact NAYAPAY customer support immediately. They will guide you through the necessary steps to secure your account and issue a replacement card if needed.

Q10: Where can I find more information about NAYAPAY debit cards and their features?

For comprehensive details, explore the NAYAPAY app’s Debit Card section or visit the official NAYAPAY website. You can also reach out to NAYAPAY customer support for personalized assistance.

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